Dairy Services

We offer a wide variety of quality services for modern dairies, including the following:
  • Ultrasound 25 day preg check
  • Ultrasound fetal sexing
  • Breeding programs
  • Record system
  • Performance analyis
  • Economic analysis
  • Ration formulation
  • Ration evaluation
  • Ration cost analysis
  • Ration managment
  • Cow comfort assessment
Udder health:
  • Milk quality team member
  • Bulk tank and cow cultures
  • Milking system analysis
  • Economic analysis
  • Milker education and training
  • Performance analyis
  • Breeding programs
  • Grouping strategy
  • Feeding strategy
  • Disease prevention

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Dr. Frydenlund is now certified by the Dairyland Initiative to design positive pressure tube ventilation systems for heifer barns and parlor holding areas and for the design of transition cow facilities.