Grooming Services

Full Service Groom Packages 
  • All full service groom and bath packages include comb-out, nail trim, ears cleaned, and anal glands expressed. 
  • Prices for packages vary by dog size. Please call for pricing. 
  • Grooming is offered Monday – Thursday by appointment. 

Mini Grooms
  • Face, Feet, Fanny Trim $14 
    • Includes shaving or trimming face, ears, tail, bottom of feet, and a sanitary clip. 
  • Face, Feet, Fanny Trim plus Nails $25 
  • Touch-up $22 
    • Includes 15 minutes of brushing and trimming, teeth brushing, breath freshener, and nail trim. 
Bath and Groom Add-On 
  • Nail Polish $6 
  • Teeth Brushing $6 
  • Breath Freshener $3 
  • Special Shampoo or add Conditioner $4 
  • Hair Dye 
    • Small Area (ears, tail, paws, ect.) $6 
    • Stenciled Area (heart or football) $11