Your Pet and Nutrition

We are strong believers in that what you put into your pet makes a difference in what you get out of your pet. This means everything that your pet ingests, from the tiniest “treat”, people food or its regular dog or cat food.

Every pet should be fed a good quality, name brand pet food. The bigger name brand diets do their studies on the nutritional value in real pets. They see how dogs/cats will eat it and how their general condition. Many others rely on those studies to come up with “paper” diets. These are diets that look good on paper, but no long term studies in real animals. Pets don’t read, so what the packaging says it’s suppose to contain means nothing to them.

You can tell if your pet’s food is doing well for them by looking at them. Run your hands over them. Check their body condition, not too thin or overweight. The hair coat should be clean, nice to touch, free of dander and nice to look at. Your pet’s energy level should be good for his/her personality. And you should not HAVE to add any supplements. Your pet should be able to get all its nutritional needs from their basic pet food. Feeding can or dry food or a combination depending on your pet’s needs shouldn’t make much difference.

Treats should be kept to a minimum. Depending on the size and type of treat, they can be the equivalent of a couple potato chips or half a cake to us. You need to consider the size of your pet and what it gets. People have told me they only gave their pet a piece of bacon. When that pet is a 5 lb yorkie that is the equivalent of eating 20 + slices of bacon for you! Not all treats area created equal. They should have calories on the bag. If you want to know how many total calories your pet should get, please ask someone at our office.

There are hundreds of foods available out there and enough people who use this one or that one, it’s hard to navigate. You will have pet store or feed store people recommend certain brands over another. Find out if they are a nutritionist first. If not, take their advice with a grain of salt.

We do not recommend any ONE particular food. There is not just ONE food that is good for ALL pets. We tend to recommend the tried and true diets out there, Science Diet, Purina Pro Plan, Purina ONE, Iams is okay, Eukanuba if you can find it is also good. Your pet does not get bored with its food, people do. Most pet foods colors and appearances are aimed at the owners. Pets don’t read bags! Remember too, that the better quality that goes in, the less waste from your pet, so less you have to clean up after.

If your pet has health issues, there are prescription or specialty diets out there, but you need to consult with your veterinarian before starting on one. And you will also find that as your pet gets older, sometimes its nutritional needs will change. Again, check with your veterinarian on that.

Keep fresh water available for your pet and a good diet in moderation and your pet will thank you by being happy and healthy.