Annual Exams

So its time for your pet to come in for its vaccinations and you are told that it will get an exam also. Occasionally someone will ask if they really need the exam. Of course we always say yes. Your own doctor won’t vaccinate without some sort of exam, and we care for our pets in the same manner.

An annual (or more frequent in some cases) is important for the continued well being of your pet. We check over the overall appearance of the pet, including skin and hair coat. Check the eyes, ears and teeth. We like to check for bumps and lumps and can address any concerns you may have. We will listen to the heart and lungs and compare to the previous visit if possible. Sometimes we may see changes in your pet that you may not have noticed. Since you see your pet every day, subtle changes may not be noticed right away.

As most of you know, our pets age quite differently from humans. A year in the life of your pet can be like 6 to 9 years to us. It is important to have that general exam. As pets age, we will sometimes recommend more frequent visits and possibly other tests. Pets can develop heart disease, diabetes, kidney disease, cancer and just about any other medical condition that is found in humans. Blood pressure checks, ECG scans and blood work may be suggested as screening for age related diseases. IF everything comes back normal, we have record of it so we can compare if your pet becomes ill for some reason.

When you have an annual exam or check up for your pet, make the most of it. We recommend writing down any questions you have or concerns about your pet. Don’t hesitate to ask. The only dumb question is the one not asked. It’s easy to get side-tracked when in for the visit, so writing them down helps to remember what areas were concerning you. And don’t hesitate to call if you do happen to remember something after you get home.

We want to keep your pet as healthy and happy as possible for its life and yours.