Laser Declawing

If you are considering declawing your cat, please make sure you have all the facts and know all the options available.

It is a known fact that cats living totally indoors will live at least 2-3 times longer than an outside cat due to encounters with dogs, other cats, cars, disease, toxins & abusive people. Therefore, it makes good sense to help your cat live the best life possible by keeping it inside your house and making it an acceptable member of your family. This may include declawing it to prevent damage to the home and those living in it.


Cats can be declawed at six months of age. The surgery is done under general anesthesia. The last joint of the toe that contains the claw is surgically removed. The surgical incisions are closed with sutures or a surgical adhesive. Special litter recommendations are made to ensure that nothing sticks to the feet to cause an infection.

Our clinic can now use a surgical laser for all our declaws. It is a CO2 20 watt laser. We are having tremendous success with this new tool for several reasons. First, laser surgery is much less painful than conventional surgery because it seals nerve endings. Second, bleeding is greatly reduced, allowing for much greater visibility, and therefore, more accurate surgery. Third, crushing and tearing of tissue are eliminated, resulting in less post-operative swelling. And finally, animals return to their normal activity levels approximately one week sooner than with the conventional method